Styling Wax

Disposable hair coloring paste hair coloring wax


Product Description

product name Disposable hair coloring paste hair coloring wax
Main ingredients Tea Extract, Licorice Extract, Beeswax, etc.
effect Fix messy and broken hair, make hair more clean and neat, light fragrance, easy to carry and not stick to hands
Skin type Any skin type
MOQ 1000pcs, we provide free samples to better serve customers to experience the skin feel, we support small batch orders from entrepreneurs
Our advantage 1. GMPC international strength factory
2. Complete production system​​, 10 production lines, meeting delivery requirements
3. Support small batch orders for entrepreneurs

What can we do for you!

* We can do OEM&ODM and provide services related to customized logo/packaging/formulation.
* We have an experienced design team and product development team.
* Our products are in compliance with SGS standards.
* Our factory can produce 100,000 pieces per month, and we have 150 professional skin care products employees.

Custom formula

Customers can customize the ingredients and modify the formula according to their needs. If you need professional help and advice, our R&D team can customize your products according to your needs and market trends.

→Customize Ingredient →Customize Formula →Customize Scent
Customize IngredientNatural active ingredients, star ingredients support customization Customize FormulaRich experienced engineers team help customize the unique formula Customize ScentAbundant imported fragrance and natural extracts for a selection

Customize Package& Design

We can help you customize unique packaging and design styles, more than thousands of bottle options, and a variety of design styles can help your products become unique

→Customize Packing Box Materials →Customize Bottle&Capacity →Customize Design Style
Customize Packing Box MaterialsProvide a variety of options, white card box, corrugated box, boutique box Customize Bottle & CapacityMore than thousands bottle shapes and materials to help your products stand out Customize Design StyleThe professional design team and packaging planning team provide you with free

Our factory

Yusen Cosmetics Factory is located in the beautiful scenery of Foshan Nanhai National Eco-industrial Demonstration Park. The park has a beautiful environment and has a 100,000-level international GMPC standard dust-free purification workshop. It uses advanced equipment imported from Germany and Japan to produce products for you. The fully enclosed production workshop is equipped with 100,000-level air purification system and disinfection system, pneumatic device filling equipment, 10,000-level ultra-clean aseptic testing room, more than 10,000 full series of mature formulas, more than ten production lines to meet different needs of production, with high efficiency Production capacity. Yusen has a strong R&D team and complete R&D facilities, mastering high-tech biotechnology, nanotechnology, osmotic pressure technology, etc.

Our R&D Strength

Yusen has a strong R&D team and complete R&D facilities, mastering high-tech biotechnology, nanotechnology, osmotic pressure technology, etc., and has developed a series of special formulas with high safety, stronger permeability, better absorption and more obvious effect . Yucheng has a wealth of research and development and production of basic skin care, functional skin care, wax-based makeup, and washing and care.

Our production capacity

Yusen owns two cosmetic production factories, Equipped with a 100,000-level air purification system and advanced production equipment, it has more than ten production lines with a daily production capacity of more than 300,000 pieces, realizing intelligent production and meeting customer delivery needs.

Packing & Delivery

We provide a variety of payment methods and logistics methods to meet your needs。