Strong formula development ability

At Yusen Cosmetics, we cater to your needs, whether you require off-the-shelf formulations or your own unique formulation, through our Buying and Bespoke Business Models. No matter the size or complexity of the changes you desire for your product, we have you covered. We are well-equipped to work with both startups and established brands with large demands.

Natural ingredients

Imported raw materials,Plant extracts, Antiseptic, No pigments, synthetic flavors

Gentle and skin-friendly

Good skin feel, Easy to absorb, Non-irritating,Low allergy rate

Significant effect

Strong functional factor, Effective for problem skin

With a rich product range
we offer 10,000 mature formulas for you to choose from

Yusen Cosmetics Original Design Manufacturing delivers excellent service, quality product development, and cost-effective project management to help you create your very own cosmetics. We stand side by side with each of our business partners, supporting you in achieving your business goals in the rapidly evolving market. From the formulation of each product line to the launch day, we

Optional According To Cosmetic Form

Optional According To Cosmetic Efficacy

Optional By Location