At Yusen Cosmetics, our utmost priority is serving everyone, ranging from small entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. We strive to make your goals and dreams attainable by placing your trust in our expertise and the skills of our team. The following are common questions that multinational and start-up businesses seeking to partner with us and create products often ask!

Yes, we are certified by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), an internationally recognized national accreditation institution in China responsible for accrediting laboratories and inspection bodies. By obtaining this accreditation, we ensure a safe production process and quality management. All of our in-house laboratories adhere to the highest testing standards.

We offer three options for product development:

  1. Products made from scratch, also known as “bespoke” in our business model, are entirely new products in terms of formulation, packaging, and labeling that we have not yet commercialized. This type of product typically requires our team to innovate or reverse-engineer a benchmark. The total lead time for production ranges from 1 to 3 months, as we must conduct stability tests for the new formulation.

  2. Products off the shelf, also known as “in-house formulas” in our business model, are products we have developed and commercialized. These product formulations have undergone stability tests and can serve as a base for creating other cosmetics, such as adding different fragrances or active ingredients. The lead time for production is typically 1 month after samples are approved.

  3. Products outsourced: If we cannot manufacture a product in-house, we outsource it to our partner suppliers. With our strategic location in southern China and Korea, we are at the heart of the beauty supply chain ecosystem. Our extensive experience in sourcing includes powders, makeup pencils, and other beauty products. Our company comprises a professional QC team and sourcing team who understand market needs and the quality that suits your requirements. The lead time for production is typically 1 to 2 months after samples are approved.

Our MOQ starts at 10,000 units per formulation for the lip range. You can choose to manufacture two shades (5,000 per color) or five shades (2,000 each shade of the same color). For skincare and foundation, our MOQ begins at 1,000 units per packaging style and formulation type. For other color cosmetics (shadows, lip liners, eyeliner, brow pen, blush sets), MOQ starts at 12,000 in packaging of 1g to 3g. Please visit our product page for a complete list of products.

Absolutely! Our comprehensive one-stop service develops ideas with your brand from conception to production. We ensure that your products, formulations, and brand work together to convey your intended message. To better serve you, we encourage partners to provide us with brief materials and references (photos, articles, product descriptions, etc.) for maximum clarity in discovering your brand.

Yes, we currently collaborate with numerous customers in the UK, EU, North America, India, and Southeast Asia. We are always eager to expand our markets and explore new beauty cultures with you. We typically work on FOB terms, sending finished products to your nearest port in your desired city.

Depending on your delivery preference (by air or by ship) and expected lead time, our project management team ensures that we meet deadlines and ship products on time based on our established critical path. We use FedEx to send samples for your approval. Additionally, we review and organize all necessary paperwork for both parties to ensure a smooth shipment and arrival of your finished goods.

Yes, almost all products can be reverse-engineered. In line with our company values, we encourage customers to create their own unique products by adding different key active ingredients or changing the scent of the formula. We acknowledge that hit products sell, so we consider benchmarks while valuing and respecting other brands’ intellectual and cosmetic properties.

We have a highly educated team of experts in cosmetic chemistry. Customers can provide us with their desired ingredients, ideas, nominated sources, or ingredient themes. Our close relationships with world-renowned raw material suppliers enable us to achieve the formulation you want. If you have your own patented formulation and only need a partner to help with finished product production, we have experience in accommodating such requests.

Customers can send their packaging to our factory facilities for filling. This option is available for customers who want to send their own packaging to meet our formulation MOQ per kg. If you are interested in our MOQ per kg to provide your packaging to develop your products, please write to us at

Customers can also purchase bulk formulations. If you are interested in sourcing bulk formulations, please write to us at

Our company provides full-service support, including a skillful team of product designers and creatives in-house. Customers are encouraged to share their ideas, themes, or packaging preferences, such as color or material, so our team can smoothly provide what you are looking for.

We can source most packaging options on the market, as we have a dedicated sourcing department. It is essential to note that unique packaging shapes tend to have higher MOQs than common packaging. Additionally, most packaging from famous brands is often privately molded, and suppliers typically sign exclusivity agreements with these brands. To replicate unique packaging, tooling fees may be required, which can be costly depending on the material and number of components. We can always develop or source any shapes and styles of packaging for you based on budget and mutual discussion.

Our prices are not fixed, as every product’s packaging, formulation, label, and outlook differ. We do not offer wholesale. As a leading cosmetic manufacturer, we specialize in product development and innovation, so we do not have a fixed cost.

We recommend that brands and customers new to the beauty market start with one hero product that represents the brand. Additionally, having a financial business plan is crucial. If you know your retail price, we can provide a clearer idea of the packaging, formula, and style of your product.