Our Production Equipment

We possess emulsification pots of various specifications and capacities, including 10T, 3T, 1T, and 500ml, enabling us to swiftly produce and ship diverse products and orders. Simultaneously, we have harnessed advanced biotechnology, nanotechnology, and osmotic pressure technology to develop a unique formula that boasts safety, high performance, enhanced permeability, superior absorption, and more pronounced effects.

High standard instrument

Our facilities are equipped with internationally renowned instruments and equipment, providing precise and professional support for product research and development. The internal management of our R&D center adheres to the stringent international 100,000-level GMP sterile cleanliness standards, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring the accuracy of experimental results.

Quality inspection process

The Yusen cosmetics production factory abides by the core principle of excellence in production and a rigorous quality inspection guarantee system. Our product quality is traceable to every batch and production process. Each product undergoes five quality inspection stages and 15 equipment procedures, ensuring strict scrutiny from raw materials to finished products and maintaining stringent control at every checkpoint.