Our state-of-the-art production facility spans an impressive 20,000 square meters and adheres to a 100,000-level GMP management system. With advanced production equipment and over a dozen production lines, we are equipped to achieve intelligent manufacturing and efficiently fulfill customer delivery requirements.

Cream/Lotion pcs monthly production capacity 1000,000

Lipstick/Lip Glaze pcs monthly production capacity 3000,000

Mask/Essence pcs monthly production capacity 4200,000

Our Facility:

The Yusen factory is compliant with GMP (Current Good Manufacturing Process) production standards, enabling the creation of high-quality cosmetics such as skincare and color cosmetic products. Our accomplished R&D team possesses extensive expertise in cosmetic application technology, and all of our formulations are developed in a cutting-edge laboratory. Our internal quality analysis and quality control department conducts comprehensive tests to ensure the stability and safety of each product. Furthermore, we possess the capability to collaborate with third-party laboratories for any additional clinical testing.

We are committed to sourcing only the most premium and safe ingredients, as well as designing your product’s packaging. Throughout the process, we offer guidance, share innovative ideas, and provide insights into the market. With our proficiency, we navigate the complexities of safe and legal formulation, ensuring full awareness of market demands and prohibited ingredients to avoid.


We boast a workforce of over 1,000 employees, including 88 production and operation managers who oversee all aspects of testing, purchasing, production, and transportation of finished products.


Key features of our services and capabilities include:

√   In-house laboratory staffed by experienced, full-time chemists

√   Multi-source procurement capabilities for all components and ingredients

√   11 filling lines with capacities ranging from 0.50 ounces to 1 gallon

We source only the richest and safest ingredients and create your product and its packaging for you. All the while we will advise, and share innovation and potential within the market. With our expertise we navigate the ins and outs of safe and legal formulation as well as give you a full breadth of the market demands, and forbidden ingredients to avoid.11 filling lines with capacities ranging from 0.50 ounces to 1 gallonIn-house laboratory staffed by experienced, full-time chemistsIn-house laboratory staffed by experienced, full-time chemists

Assembly Process

√   Fully automated and semi-automated tube-filling machines

√   Capacity to expand production from 8 hours to 24 hours

√   External warehouse for component storage, offering unparalleled flexibility

√   Comprehensive kit assembly management (boxes, inserts, pamphlets, pack out, etc.)

√   Outer shrink and tamper-evident sealing

√   Shipping to warehouses, distribution centers, and stores globally

√   Real-time inventory

Product Supply

Our core strength lies in the development of customized formulations and innovative problem-solving approaches. We can also assist in enhancing or customizing various cosmetic products, including facial repair care, body care, hair care, foundation, and lipstick.

Our automatic and semi-automatic equipment is designed to offer optimal flexibility for diverse shapes, sizes, caps, and containers. Our mixing tanks boast capacities ranging from 20 to 1,000 gallons and can produce any desired viscosity: liquids/essences, lotions, creams, sprays, scrubs, and anhydrous gels, suitable for both large-scale and small-batch production.

Turnkey Services Or Private Label

Turnkey manufacturing encompasses the entire production process.

At Yusen Labs, we provide a comprehensive production and shipping facility, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Our professionals manage every aspect of production, from raw material sourcing and inventory management to packaging and shipping of finished goods.

Our services instill the peace of mind required to concentrate on business growth and profitability.

Private Label entails selecting one of our existing formulations, a stock container, and placing your brand on the label.

Private Label Skin Care services represent the fastest route to launching your own product. Whether you have your own website, a brick-and-mortar store, or sell on Amazon, eBay, or other online platforms, we cater to your Amazon private label and eBay skincare requirements. We strive to simplify the process: choose an existing formulation or create your own, select suitable packaging, and submit your artwork. Within 4-6 weeks of artwork approval, we ship your product. Embark on your next big success story today!