Using face masks to maintain youth and beauty

The skincare market is saturated with a plethora of products, but one that is often underestimated is the facial mask. These masks can significantly improve the appearance and health of your skin in just minutes. Intended to treat specific skin conditions, it is vital to select the appropriate mask for your needs. Your choice should […]

FDA Regulation News|U.S. cosmetics regulations will usher in a huge change!

The flourishing multi-billion dollar US cosmetics industry continues to thrive. According to data analysis reports from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is tasked with overseeing the nation’s cosmetics sector, more than 2.3 million distinct cosmetic products entered U.S. ports during the 2020 fiscal year (FY). Nevertheless, the sheer volume of imported cosmetics […]

Market trends What is happening in the US cosmetics market

The United States cosmetics market is renowned as one of the most valuable beauty and personal care markets globally, boasting an impressive worth of $90 billion. Let us examine the prevailing trends that captivate American consumers. In response to these trends: Suminjia™ raw materials, derived from a composite of five botanical extracts – Astragalus Membranaceus […]

The new trend of global beauty in 2022, are your cosmetics also vegetarian

In Paris, the clarion call for “vegetarianism” resounds. In shopping centers, “non-animal fur” labels adorn storefront entrances; on the streets, a myriad of vegetarian restaurants have emerged (though the pandemic has forced many to temporarily close their doors); particularly among younger generations, embracing a “vegan” lifestyle has become highly fashionable.   These days, “vegetarianism” has […]

Charming retro cosmetics, is the next opportunity for the beauty industry

In 2020, the late Louis Vuitton menswear art director and Off-White founder Virgil Abloh posited the theory of “street trend dying,” suggesting that the retro wave would become the predominant trend in the forthcoming decade. Today, this prognostication appears to hold true in the realm of beauty, as the fashion industry’s retro resurgence permeates the […]